Getting Ready!

So, in November, I fell down and struck my knee cap really hard- not once, but twice. Rest and ice didn’t help, and I was off to the sports therapist. Turns out striking your knee like that can cause pretty significant PCL damage. It’s more common in athletes who do more than lift weight up and put it back down, though! I’m still not where I want to be, and I’m feeling discouraged. To kick myself in the butt, I bought (more) water bottles. A girl can never have too many, amirite? Water, BCAA, protein, pre workout, water, water, and more water!

I decked them out with some cute sayings from Love SVG, and I’ll be hitting the bar on Tuesday night. If there is one thing I never thought I would say, it’s that I miss the gym!

Can’t wait to hit the gym with my beast mode water bottle!


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