What am I even doing?

I've been struggling for the past two years to find a way to express myself and stay active- in body and mind. Some failed ventures include paint by numbers, knitting, crotchet, needlepoint and yoga.

A few months ago I travelled to Germany and France to see one of my best friends. I have so many amazing photos of our time there, but I was limited by my phone (and my inability to keep the lenses on my phone clean, but that is another story). I turned to my friend Donna of Donna McMullin Photography for help finding a mirrorless camera that could be lightweight but still help me get the photos I saw in my minds eye. Fast forward a few months, and I am enrolled in her photography class.

I'm trying to document my learning photography, as well as Illustrator, Photoshop and Lightroom, in addition to Silhouette software for the Cameo- you see, I am also a planner junkie searching for 'planner peace'!